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Mission Statement

1. To welcome and educate all interested people at least 18 years of age regarding naturism, according to the principles and concepts of its European founders, and as it is practiced today by the members of such organizations as The Naturist Society and the American Association for Nude Recreation.

2. To form a new generation of naturists through education about and participation in naturism. DSN is committed to the belief that young adults are more likely to become involved in naturism when in the company of other young adults, primarily because of their commonality of interests and experiences. DSN was formed out of a response to the distressing lack of young adults involved in naturism today. The overwhelming majority of participants in the lifestyle are well above 40 years of age. The reasons for this disproportional demographic may never be fully understood, but two factors contribute largely to the situation: 1) older adults involved in naturism were young adults during the 1960s, when "liberal" attitudes toward nudity were more common, and 2) the time and cost associated with pursuing the lifestyle is simply more suited to the retired crowd.

3. To create a network of friends among young adult naturists, not simply a clone of other naturist organizations. DSN is, and endeavors to remain, a loosely organized group of friends who share the same desire, interest, and respect for the naturist lifestyle and for each other.

4. Conduct code and membership

DSN is a clothing-optional naturist group. The choice to be clothed or unclothed must remain in the hands of each member at all times. Mandatory nudity is unhealthy if it is expected or coerced. Potential members may wish to attend gatherings fully or partially clothed, simply to make sure that it is right for them before being nude in a social setting. If DSN schedules an event at a location where nudity is mandatory, such as a landed club with a nude-only policy, all members and potential members will be notified in advance of the event so that they may choose for themselves whether or not they should attend.

Photography and video recording are not permitted at any DSN clothing-optional events. The only exception to this rule is made for promotional photographs, which will be taken by an officially designated photographer, and any or all DSN members who are to be subject(s) of such photographs must give full written permission to the photographer for the photographs to be taken and for their subsequent use as promotional aids.

If a situation arises where a person is deemed to be attending DSN clothing-optional events for the purpose of "gawking" at nude bodies, or, if an individual is found to be making inappropriate explicit sexual comments, he/she will be asked to leave DSN immediately.

Naturism fosters the belief that the human body is natural. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed and incorrectly assume that naturism has to do with sex. Under NO circumstances will any sort of open sexual behavior be tolerated. Naturists are ordinary people who observe the normal ethics and laws, the only difference being that naturists prefer to be nude when and where it is appropriate.

The presence or use of illegal substances at DSN functions will not be tolerated, and any individual possessing or using such substances at DSN events will be asked to leave the group. Illegal activity undermines the integrity of the group and places all of its members at risk of legal action. DSN cannot successfully portray the wholesomeness of nudity to the public if it is under legal scrutiny for unrelated issues such as drug possession and use.

Alcohol may be consumed in moderation by members of legal age so long as it does not lead to undesirable behavior.

DSN invites all people of ages 18 years old and over to attend its events, regardless of shape, weight, height, size, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, gender, or marital status. While DSN is a Phoenix, AZ-based group and many of its members will naturally be drawn from the local community, people from all over Arizona, as well as from around the country and the world, are also welcomed.

DSN is a special interest group within the naturist community. Many other naturist groups exist to serve the whole of the naturist community, but DSN targets young adults for important reasons and specific purposes (see paragraph 2). The involvement of young adults in naturism is not only desired by the naturist community, but absolutely necessary to the continued growth and success of the lifestyle.

5. Membership requirements and fees: There are no additional membership requirements other than common sense and respect for one another. There is as yet no membership fee. It is assumed that members will simply bear their own costs of activities which necessitate travel, food, and accommodation. At a later stage, DSN may decide to have a nominal membership fee.

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